Sunday, May 1, 2011

Next project!

The Ancestor Swap Meet 2011 is history and things are almost back to normal at Nichols Library.  Thursday, some of us were able to put swap meet things away and clean up the library.  Several projects are in the works and will take time in the weeks ahead.  Gail Brown and I have been working on a cemetery book for Fairview Cemetery. This book gets put aside when other things have to be done for the society. Hopefully it will be finished in the near future.

N.E. Alabama Genealogical Society will be a vendor at the Cumberland Gap Jamboree in June.  This will be our first time as a vendor but if all goes well it won't be our last.  We will be representing our area of Alabama, even though most of the people who come through Cumberland won't be interested in Alabama, they may someday have a need for an Alabama research connection.

Another project is to obtain microfilm for use in Nichols Library.  We were fortunate to receive a grant that allowed us to purchase a state of the art microfilm reader/printer.
We have some microfilm but we would like to offer more for our researchers.

So our journey through family history and our love for Nichols Memorial Library continues.

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