Saturday, September 15, 2012

History Lost?

In a brief announcement this week from the Georgia Secretary of State, a vital part of our nation's history will be taken away.  The State of Georgia out of necessity to cut the State's budget decided to close the Georgia State Archives to the public on November 1, 2012.  Many jobs will be lost at the facility but more will be lost in the community and state.  Researchers don't all live in Georgia.  Motels, restaurants, gas stations and shopping will be affected around Morrow.  

Georgia with it's rich history, one of the original 13 colonies, the home of many of our nation's leaders, the site of the first gold rush.
Georgia with it's bounty lands and where passports were issued for travel to the west.  The people who traveled west usually stayed in Georgia for a time. Many colonial period marriages were recorded in Georgia. As the quote I use on my signature reminds me, "Those who forget their past are destined to repeat it", Robert A HeinleinNow part of our history will be locked away all in the name of money.  The Georgia Virtual Vault has been offline for some time with no indication that it will return, was that the first move?

As researchers each of us should find a way to communicate our feelings about this move.  I can help but believe that if Georgia is successful it will only be a matter of time before other states follow suit.   Several sites are available with petitions to sign, choose your site and make your feelings known.